Benjamin H. Y. Koo

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The aim of this research is to design an executable meta-language that supports system architects’ modeling process by automating certain model construction, manipulation and simulation tasks. This language specifically addresses the needs in systematically communicating architects’ intent with a wide range of stakeholders and to organize knowledge from(More)
This paper represents system models as algebraic entities and formulates model transformation activities as algebraic operations. We call this modeling framework “Algebra of Systems” (AoS). To show that AoS can automate complex model reasoning tasks in system design projects, we implemented the abstract algebraic specification as an executable metalanguage(More)
Architects of complex systems and products, such as an aircraft power system must routinely make tradeoff decisions given limited resources, incomplete information, and evolving stakeholder needs. Their decisions ultimately require a certain amount of subjective judgment, as a result of which system architecting involves not just science and engineering,(More)
We present the principles of Object-Process Methodology (OPM) through its application to specification of systems from the automotive, IT and aerospace industries. Domain experts and senior system architects carried out the specifications and expressed the views in this paper. This effort was part of the coursework requirements in the Object-Process(More)
The objective of this thesis is to provide a method and tool to leverage computational resources to empower a systems architect to reason about architectural decisions more comprehensively and effectively compared to traditional approaches. This thesis provides a computational framework for decision support called the Architecture Decision Graph framework.(More)
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