Benjamin Guiastrennec

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ADAPT 5 is a powerful modeling software for population pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic systems analysis, but provides limited built-in functionality for creating pre- and post-analysis diagnostic plots. ADAPT 5 Model Evaluation Graphical Toolkit (AMGET), an external package written in the open source R programming language, was developed specifically to(More)
To develop a model linking in vitro and in vivo erosion of extended release tablets under fasting and postprandial status. A nonlinear mixed-effects model was developed from the in vitro erosion profiles of four hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) matrix tablets studied under a range of experimental conditions. The model was used to predict in vivo erosion(More)
Bile acids released postprandially modify the rate and extent of absorption of lipophilic compounds. The present study aimed to predict gastric emptying (GE) rate and gallbladder emptying (GBE) patterns in response to caloric intake. A mechanism-based model for GE, cholecystokinin plasma concentrations, and GBE was developed on data from 33 patients with(More)
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