Benjamin Griffel

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A patient with chronic Gaucher's disease is described who developed glomerulopathy 24 years after splenectomy terminating in renal failure. The pathological changes of this very rare complication of Gaucher's disease are described. The few similar cases reported in the literature are reviewed and the possible pathogenetic pathways discussed.
A patient with intestinal amyloidosis with perforation was successfully treated by resection of almost the whole involved small intestine and is recuperating on hyperalimentation therapy. Because there were no signs of amyloiditic deposition in other parts of the body and no other cause of the amyloidosis, the case was considered to be selective localized(More)
A 56-year-old man had fever, precordial pain, and a mediastinal mass. The mass disappeared two months later and the patient remained asymptomatic for 2 1/2 years. At that time a full-blown nephrotic syndrome developed, with minimal-change glomerulopathy. The chest x-ray film showed the reappearance of a giant mediastinal mass. On biopsy of the mass,(More)
A retrospective study of 21 patients who had suffered from gastrointestinal lymphoma was carried out. Gastric involvement was more common than involvement of the small or large intestine and carried a better prognosis. Gastrointestinal lymphoma generally occurs most frequently during the fourth to seventh decades of life. In our study, however, five(More)
A case is reported of angioimmunoblastic lymphadenopathy (AILD), in which a IgM Kappa monoclonal gammopathy developed. On the first admission the immunoblasts were shown to be T cells by surface-marker studies. Although the number of circulating T cells was normal, their functional capacities were markedly reduced. The patient was followed for two months at(More)