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OBJECTIVE To compare expression of tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (TRAP) and cathepsin K and histologic changes in canine cranial cruciate ligaments (CCLs) and human anterior cruciate ligaments (ACLs). STUDY POPULATION Sections of cruciate ligaments from 15 dogs with ruptured CCLs, 8 aged dogs with intact CCLs, 14 human beings with ruptured ACLs, and(More)
As software grows more complex, software developers' productivity is increasingly defined by their ability to effectively reuse code. Even APIs (application programming interfaces) and other code explicitly intended for reuse are often difficult and time consuming for developers to use. This paper describes the user-centered design and evaluation process we(More)
BACKGROUND Neonates show sustained inflammation after a bacterial infection, which is associated with inflammatory diseases like bronchopulmonary dysplasia or periventricular leucomalacia. Physiologically, inflammation is terminated early after the removal of the invading pathogens by phagocytosis-induced cell death (PICD) of immune effector cells. Earlier(More)
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