Benjamin Goldenberg

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Online crowdsourcing services provide an inexpensive and scalable platform for large-scale information verification tasks. We present our experiences using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (AMT) sto verify over 100,000 local business listings for an online directory. We compare the performance of AMT workers to that of experts across five different types of tasks(More)
Mandibular immediate side shift is a lateral movement of the condyles at the commencement of mandibular laterotrusion. Amount of mandibular immediate side shift has been found to vary among patients and bilaterally within patients. Factors responsible for variance in mandibular immediate side shift have been suggested but not thoroughly investigated.(More)
With the overabundance of online usergenerated content, the ability to filter based on relevant perspectives is becoming increasingly important. Identifying the perspective of the authors with the review text would enhance the retrieval of pertinent information. This problem can be traditionally formulated as a text classification task and solved by(More)
The coordination of perceptive tissue management, diligent tooth preparation and prudent selection of the impression material for specific clinical conditions ensures the success of cast and ceramic restorations. The introduction of a knitted cord (Ultrapak with Astringedent) has alleviated the arduous aspects of tissue displacement and the new impression(More)
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