Benjamin Gess

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We prove finite speed of propagation for stochastic porous media equations perturbed by linear multiplicative space-time rough signals. Explicit and optimal estimates for the speed of propagation are given. The result applies to any continuous driving signal, thus including fractional Brownian motion for all Hurst parameters. The explicit estimates are then(More)
The existence of random attractors for a large class of stochastic partial differential equations (SPDE) driven by general additive noise is established. The main results are applied to various types of SPDE, as e.g. stochastic reaction-diffusion equations, the stochastic p-Laplace equation and stochastic porous media equations. Besides classical Brownian(More)
We prove new L2-estimates and regularity results for generalized porous media equations “shifted by” a function-valued Wiener path. To include Wiener paths with merely first spatial (weak) derivates we introduce the notion of “ζ-monotonicity” for the non-linear function in the equation. As a consequence we prove that stochastic porous media equations have(More)
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