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We prove new L 2-estimates and regularity results for generalized porous media equations " shifted by " a function-valued Wiener path. To include Wiender paths with merely first spatial (weak) derivates we introduce the notion of " ζ-monotonicity " for the non-linear function in the equation. As a consequence we prove that stochastic porous media equations(More)
The existence of random attractors for a large class of stochastic partial differential equations (SPDE) driven by general additive noise is established. The main results are applied to various types of SPDE, as e.g. stochastic reaction-diffusion equations, the stochastic p-Laplace equation and stochastic porous media equations. Besides classical Brownian(More)
Virchow-Robin spaces ensheathe the penetrating vessels of the brain. They communicate with the subpial space, are filled with interstitial fluid and contain a specific population of macrophages.Virchow-Robin spaces are a common finding in both CT and MR imaging. Recent radiologic studies have led to a concise definition of Virchow-Robin spaces.Virchow-Robin(More)
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