Benjamin Gerson

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Copper, zinc, selenium, and molybdenum are involved in many biochemical processes supporting life. The most important of these processes are cellular respiration, cellular utilization of oxygen, DNA and RNA reproduction, maintenance of cell membrane integrity, and sequestration of free radicals. Copper, zinc, and selenium are involved in destruction of free(More)
There are many disease states in the elderly that mandate the use of drugs with extremely narrow therapeutic indexes and potentially fatal toxicity. Digoxin is one example of such drugs. It is extensively used for the treatment of congestive heart failure of diverse origin and of cardiac arrhythmias of supraventricular origin. Aging can produce changes in(More)
We describe the case of an elderly woman whose symptoms and electrocardiographic pattern initially suggested acute myocardial infarction. The value for total serum creatine kinase (EC; CK) was 737 U/L (reference interval: 22-269 U/L), and electrophoresis for CK isoenzymes demonstrated two bands, the more anodal migrating to the CK-MB region and the(More)
Cyclosporine is a potent immunosuppressant with low myelotoxicity. It is approved for use to prevent rejection of kidney, liver, and heart transplants, and is being investigated for possible use for suppression of graft-versus-host disease in patients who have received bone marrow transplants. Although cyclosporine is generally thought of as an(More)
Many clinical laboratories do immunoelectrophoresis for qualitative assessment of proteins in biological fluids. Commercial kits are available that supply some or all of the necessary components, but the nature of these components varies. Seeking a reliable method for most easily preserving the original immunoelectrophoresis pattern as a permanent record,(More)
SubmitBenjamin Gerson, Department of ters: Pathology, New England Deaconess Hospital, and the Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 02215 Frances Bell, Department of Pathology, New England Deaconess Hospital, Boston, MA 02215 Sum Chan, Poly Drag, Inc., Boston, MA 02215 Evaluators: Larry A. Broussard, Medical Laboratory Associates, Birmingham, AL 35256 Frank M.(More)
An evaluation of the NOVA Celltrak 12 was performed over a 6-week period. Precision, linearity, carryover, and reproducibility of values compared favorably to manufacturers' claims. The correlation was performed using the Coulter S Plus VI as the reference instrument and yielded coefficients of correlation for measured parameters of greater than .98 with(More)