Benjamin Geisler

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PURPOSE Delineation of brain tissue that is at risk but not yet infarcted (penumbra) continues to be a major challenge for stroke imaging. Metabolic characterization of the penumbra might be able to be achieved using blood-oxygen-level-dependent (BOLD) imaging. MATERIALS AND METHODS We analyzed MRI data from 20 patients within the first 6 hours after(More)
We present an approach to elicitation of user preference models in which assumptions can be used to guide but not constrain the elicitation process. We demonstrate that when domain knowledge is available, even in the form of weak and somewhat inaccurate assumptions, significantly less data is required to build an accurate model of user preferences than when(More)
Efficient segmentation editing tools are important components in the segmentation process, as no automatic methods exist that always generate sufficient results. Evaluating segmentation editing algorithms is challenging, because their quality depends on the user's subjective impression. So far, no established methods for an objective, comprehensive(More)
Modern video games present many challenging applications for artificial intelligence. Agents must not only appear intelligent but must also be fun to play against. In the video game genre of the first person shooter an agent must mimic all the behaviors of a human soldier in a combat situation. The standard opponent in a " first person shooter " uses a(More)
NeuroQLab DTI is a software tool which we developed for efficient and robust fiber tractography and fiber quantification. It consists of deterministic and probabilistic fiber tracking algorithms and offers multiple options for seeding and filtering fiber tracts. This paper shows the fiber tracking results for three different patient data sets, published(More)
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