Benjamin Gadat

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Following the joint source and channel coding paradigm, we propose in this article an application controlling strategy to allow fast adaptation of multimedia transmission to the impairments of an IP wireless network. To this purpose, a semi-analytical prediction algorithm of the video stream perceived quality of service (PQoS) expressed as the end-to-end(More)
We consider in this paper the problem of blind frame synchronization of systems using Reed-Solomon (RS) codes and other related families. We present first of all three techniques of blind frame synchronization based on the non-binary parity check matrix of RS codes. While the first two techniques involve the calculation of hard and soft values of the(More)
This paper presents an adaptation of peer-to-peer diffusion strategies of video over mobile links based on the use of multiple description coding. The system architecture, including the used overlay algorithm (the unstructured GIA algorithm) and video coding with multiple description coding (MDC), are presented as well as their interest in this context.(More)
In this paper, we propose an extrinsic distortion-based source-channel allocation for JPWL transcoding systems. The distortion based approach is possible thanks to the extrinsic distortion estimation using information contained in the compressed bitstream. The proposed estimation method gives a coarse grain estimator of the true distortion, but keeping the(More)