Benjamin G Cooper

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Incorporation of an interpenetrating polymer network into an existing single polymer network enables augmentation of the original substrate's mechanical properties, and translation of this concept from purely synthetic materials to natural-synthetic hybrid systems provides the opportunity to reinforce mechanical properties of bulk biological substrates. In(More)
OBJECTIVE Osteoarthritis (OA) is associated with increased articular cartilage hydraulic permeability and decreased maintenance of high interstitial fluid load support (IFLS) during articulation, resulting in increased friction on the cartilage solid matrix. This study assesses frictional response following in situ synthesis of an interpenetrating polymer(More)
The heterobimetallic complexes [Mn((i)PrNPPh(2))(3)Cu((i)PrNHPPh(2))] (1) and [Fe((i)PrNPPh(2))(3)Cu((i)PrNHPPh(2))] (2) have been synthesized by the one pot reaction of LiN(i)PrPPh(2), MCl(2) (M = Mn, Fe), and CuI in high yield. Addition of excess CuI into 2 or directly to the reaction mixture led to the formation of a heterotrimetallic(More)
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