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Ovarian cortex cryopreservation and xenotransplantation into immunodeficient mice represents a potential means for female germplasm conservation and an immediate model for investigation of folliculogenesis. The objectives of this study were to: (1) assess follicle survival after cryopreservation and transplantation of cat ovarian tissue into non-obese(More)
Experiments were carried out to investigate putative beneficial effects of adding epidermal growth factor (EGF) or insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) for bovine embryo culture in chemically defined media. Presumptive zygotes (18 h post-insemination) were randomly assigned to culture treatments. In experiment 1, treatments involved additions of recombinant(More)
Experiments were carried out to achieve fertilization (IVF) and initial embryonic development of goat oocytes in vitro. Oocyte/cumulus complexes were recovered from large follicles (greater than 7 mm) of hormonally treated doses and from 1-6-mm follicles of ovaries from hormonally superstimulated and nontreated goats. Three different sperm treatment/IVF(More)
Our purpose was to obtain viable blastocysts via in vitro maturation, fertilization, and culture (IVMFC) in serum- and BSA-free media (defined conditions) and to document viability by pregnancy initiation following embryo transfer (ET). Oocytes were matured in modified TCM 199 (mTCM 199) with 100 micrograms/ml ovine (o)LH, inseminated in TALP- or defined(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the response of human ovarian xenografts to transplantation into different sites and in different host conditions. DESIGN Controlled experiment. SETTING Academic research laboratory. PATIENT(S) Donated ovarian tissue from two young women. INTERVENTION(S) Human ovarian cortical pieces were transplanted either under the kidney(More)
Higher proportions of oocytes matured in a defined medium with epidermal growth factor (EGF) and low concentrations of gonadotropins reached the blastocyst stage in vitro after in vitro fertilization than were obtained after in vitro maturation (IVM) in defined conditions alone, or with EGF and no gonadotropin. Proportions of cumulus-oocyte complexes(More)
Bovine follicular oocytes were matured in TCM 199 supplemented with: (1) fetal calf serum (FCS, 20% v/v), Luteinizing Hormone (LH, 10 ug/ml), and Estradiol-17-beta (E(2), 1 ug/ml) in Experiment 1; (2) 20% cow serum recovered at standing estrus (Experiment 2); or (3) 20% FCS (Experiment 3). Maturation, fertilization, and initial cleavage development were(More)
Simian virus 40 (SV40) adsorbs on rabbit spermatozoa but does not penetrate the cells, as indicated by the absence of radioactive material seen on autoradiography of spermatozoa exposed to [(3)H]thymidine-labeled SV40. In contrast, after exposure of spermatozoa to labeled SV40 DNA, radioactive material was found in the postacrosomal area of the spermatozoa.(More)