Benjamin Feldner

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In this paper we present a concept for integrating Multimedia-Enriched Learning Objects (MELOs) within a unifying technological framework for schools. First, we discuss the general role of objects for child development and learning. We then outline the framework architecture of the proposed Networked Environment for Multimedia Objects (NEMO). After-wards,(More)
Dieses Paper widmet sich der interdisziplinären Betrachtung eines Kon-zepts zur Integration multimedialer, be-greifbarer Lernobjekte in vernetzte Lern-umgebungen. Mit Hilfe eines auf die Physis bezogenen Schalenmodells werden medienpädagogische,-theoretische,-soziologische und-systemtechnische Überle-gungen zusammengeführt.
In our knowledge-based economy, bibliographic metadata is everywhere: Companies, research institutes, schools, museums, and many other institutions nowadays have to deal with large quantities of biblio-graphic information. Although several established standards are available for such data, home-grown ad hoc solutions are still widespread in small to medium(More)
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