Benjamin F Plucknette

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16 Objective: This study develops normalized values for sensation in the feet of healthy subjects. Knowledge relative to normal sensory perception and subsequent loss will enable clinicians to differentiate between normal and abnormal findings, especially in patients with or at risk for diabetes. Methods: Subjects were over age 18 and without medical(More)
CASE A thirteen-year-old right-hand-dominant girl sustained a right hamate fracture-extrusion with associated pisiform dislocation and volar degloving injury with open fractures of the scaphoid, capitate, lunate, and trapezoid following an all-terrain-vehicle rollover. She was noted to have paresthesias in the median nerve distribution. Treatment involved(More)
The aim of our study was to determine military-specific outcomes for transtibial amputations of US Service members using either the traditional technique (Burgess) or the Ertl technique. All US Service members sustaining transtibial, combat-related amputation from September 2001 through July 2011 were reviewed. Amputation type, mechanism of injury, time(More)
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