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Loxapine succinate, a newly developed neuroleptic drug, was administered to two groups of geropsychiatric patients: (a) 12 with psychosis and organic brain syndrome, and (b) 14 with chronic schizophrenia. After a two-week baseline period, loxapine was given for 12 weeks. The moderate therapeutic effect of loxapine in the "responders" was similar to that of(More)
Current advances in digital technology promote capturing and storing more digital photos than ever. While photo collections are growing in size, the amount of time that can be devoted to viewing, managing, and sharing digital photos remains constant. Photo decision-making and selection has been identified as key to addressing this concern. After conducting(More)
The perception of flavor arises from the combination of inputs from several sensory modalities, especially gustation (taste proper) and olfaction (the primary source of flavor qualities). Both the perception of intensity of suprathreshold flavorants and, notably, the detection of weak flavorants are consistent with a rule of additivity. Thus, the(More)
Penfluridol, a diphenylbutylpiperidene derivative, is a new long acting neuroleptic, administered orally, once weekly. It is marketed in several European countries and has been used successfully in the treatment of various acute psychoses, for severely ill chronic schizophrenic patients, and as maintenance therapy for chronic schizophrenic patients. The(More)
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