Benjamin E. Bass

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Profiling of 16S rRNA gene sequences is an important tool for testing hypotheses in complex microbial communities, and analysis methods must be updated and validated as sequencing technologies advance. In host-associated bacterial communities, the V1–V3 region of the 16S rRNA gene is a valuable region to profile because it provides a useful level of(More)
gonad anterior pituitary estrogen progesterone (Litter er size plays a major role in the economics of swine production. Even modest increases in average litter size can have considerable effects on overall profitability. Two major components of litter size, 1) ovulation rate, and 2) embryonic survival, have been used in a selection index project ongoing for(More)
of GnRH receptor and gonadotropin subunit gene expression were measured by quantitative PCR.­ Levels of gene expression for the GnRH receptor and gonadotropin subunits decreased following treatment with the GnRH antagonist in pituitaries of gilts from the Index and Control lines; however, these values remained unchanged in pituitar-ies from Meish­an gilts.(More)
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