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BOSTON UNIVERSITY LIBRARY has been given a valuable collection of Lincoln letters, documents and related materials, numbering eighty-six items. Of special interest is an order to General Winfield Scott to suspend the writ of habeas corpus. The donor is the Honorable Edward C. Stone, a member of the Massachusetts Senate and chairman of the Board of Trustees(More)
The Indiana University (IU) Department of Chemistry's Martin F. Jarrold (MFJ) Research Group studies a specialized technique of mass spectrometry called Charge Detection Mass Spectrometry (CDMS). The goal of mass spectrometry is to determine the mass of chemical and biological compounds, and with CDMS, the MFJ Research Group is extending the upper limit of(More)
Quadrupole mass filters (QMFs) are usually not used to analyze high m/z ions, due to the low frequency resonant circuit that is required to drive them. Here we describe a new approach to generating waveforms for QMFs. Instead of scanning the amplitude of a sine wave to measure the m/z spectrum, the frequency of a trapezoidal wave is digitally scanned. A(More)
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