Benjamin Draper

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Potentially reversible dementia is reviewed with reference to diagnosis, causes and outcome. Many disorders which cause cognitive impairment, such as drug toxicity and depression, fail to meet diagnostic criteria for dementia. These tend to have the best prognosis. Studies of the neuropsychiatric syndromes associated with disorders causing potentially(More)
We present a framework for representing a set of images as a point on a Grassmann manifold. A collection of sets of images for a specific class is then associated with a collection of points on this manifold. Relationships between classes as defined by points associated with sets of images may be determined using the projection F-norm, geodesic (or other)(More)
B O S T O N UNIVERSITY LIB R AR Y has been given a valuable collection of Lincoln letters, documents a n d related materials, number ing eighty-six items. Of special interest is an order to Genera l Winf ie ld Scott to susp e n d the writ of habeas corpus. T h e donor is the H o n o r a b l e Edward C. Stone, a member of the Massachusetts Senate a n d(More)
The Indiana University (IU) Department of Chemistry's Martin F. Jarrold (MFJ) Research Group studies a specialized technique of mass spectrometry called Charge Detection Mass Spectrometry (CDMS). The goal of mass spectrometry is to determine the mass of chemical and biological compounds, and with CDMS, the MFJ Research Group is extending the upper limit of(More)
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