Benjamin Dennis Eisenhardt

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IscR proteins are known as transcriptional regulators for Fe-S biogenesis. In the facultatively phototrophic bacterium, Rhodobacter sphaeroides IscR is the product of the first gene in the isc-suf operon. A major role of IscR in R. sphaeroides iron-dependent regulation was suggested in a bioinformatic study (Rodionov et al., PLoS Comput Biol 2:e163, 2006),(More)
The phototrophic bacterium Rhodobacter sphaeroides induces several small RNAs (sRNAs) when singlet oxygen (1O2) levels are elevated, a situation also referred to as photo-oxidative stress. An RNA-seq study identified the RSs0019 sRNA, which is renamed Pos19 (photo-oxidative stress induced sRNA 19). Pos19 is part of the RpoE regulon and consequently induced(More)
sHSPs interact with clients under denaturing conditions. CPH1Δ2, a truncated version of cyanobacterial phytochrome CPH1, was introduced as a new reporter (client). Comparative analyses of At17.8 and At17.6B as cytosolic class I sHSP representatives demonstrated the advantages of a chromophore-bearing photoreversible protein as new client for analyzing sHSP(More)
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