Benjamin Daniel Fox

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OBJECT Patients presenting with spinal metastases from unknown primary tumors (UPTs) are rare. The authors reviewed their surgical experience to evaluate outcomes and identify predictors of survival in these patients. METHODS This study is a retrospective analysis of patients undergoing surgery for metastatic spine disease from UPTs between June 1993 and(More)
BACKGROUND Although a rare complication of ionizing radiation, radiation-induced osteosarcoma is now more frequently recognized as radiation therapy has become common and cancer survival has increased. To date, publications on radiation-induced osteosarcoma of the cranium are limited to a few small series and case reports. METHODS Data from 175 patients(More)
BACKGROUND Rehabilitation is a central treatment modality for patients with chronic cardiopulmonary disease. Physical exertion for patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) has typically been discouraged. Inpatient pulmonary rehabilitation has been shown to improve exercise capacity in patients with PAH. The present study aimed to evaluate(More)
OBJECT Metastatic sarcoma to the brain is rare and represents a therapeutic challenge due to its relative resistance to radio- and chemotherapy. Resection has traditionally been the mainstay of treatment. The authors reviewed a series of patients with metastatic sarcoma to the brain treated surgically to determine outcomes and identify predictors of(More)
OBJECTIVE Pulmonary endothelial dysfunction and increased reflection of pulmonary pressure waves have been reported in pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). However, the systemic vascular involvement is not fully understood. Our study focused on the systemic arterial stiffness and endothelial involvement in idiopathic and scleroderma associated PAH. (More)
OBJECT Significant improvements in neurological function and pain relief are the benefits of aggressive surgical management of spinal metastatic disease. However, there is limited literature regarding the management of tumors with specific histological features. In this study, a series of patients undergoing spinal surgery for metastatic prostate cancer(More)
IceCube has become the first neutrino telescope with a sensitivity below the TeV neutrino flux predicted from gamma-ray bursts if gamma-ray bursts are responsible for the observed cosmic-ray flux above 10(18)  eV. Two separate analyses using the half-complete IceCube detector, one a dedicated search for neutrinos from pγ interactions in the prompt phase of(More)
The anisotropy parameter (v(2)), the second harmonic of the azimuthal particle distribution, has been measured with the PHENIX detector in Au+Au collisions at sqrt[s(NN)]=200 GeV for identified and inclusive charged particle production at central rapidities (|eta|<0.35) with respect to the reaction plane defined at high rapidities (|eta|=3-4 ). We observe(More)
Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) has been described in the setting of malignant hypertension, renal disease, eclampsia, and immunosuppression. In addition, a single case of intraoperative (posterior fossa craniotomy) PRES has been reported; however, this case occurred in an adult. The authors present a clinically and radiographically(More)