Benjamin Dalmas

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In least-squares fitting of protein circular dichroism (CD) spectra using basis CD spectra for the respective secondary structure components, as given by reference proteins of known structural composition, good fits of the CD spectrum do not necessarily correspond to appropriate fits of the underlying structural composition of a test protein. In an attempt(More)
An approach to predict protein secondary structure is presented using circular dichroism (CD) spectra as input to two types of artificial neural networks (ANNs): (i) a three-layer backpropagation network and (ii) a hybrid self-organisation to backpropagation network. The dataset comprised the CD spectra of 22 proteins in the 178-260 nm wavelength range(More)
Local Process Models (LPM) describe structured fragments of process behavior occurring in the context of less structured business processes. Traditional LPM discovery aims to generate a collection of process models that describe highly frequent behavior, but these models do not always provide useful answers for questions posed by process analysts aiming at(More)
Process Mining aims to extract information from event logs to highlight the underlying business processes. It is useful in situations where there is no detailed and complete knowledge of how an overall system works, such as in a hospital where most processes are complex and ad-hoc. Many Process Mining discovery techniques have been proposed so far, but many(More)
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