Benjamin Conner

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In this research the authors examined the accuracy of judging sexual orientation on the basis of brief observations or "thin slices" of nonverbal behavior. In Study 1, sexual orientation was judged more accurately than chance, with judgments being more accurate when based on dynamic nonverbal behavior (10-s and 1-s silent video segments) than on static(More)
Recent advances in DNA synthesis methods have made it possible to carry out single-crystal x-ray analyses of double-stranded DNA molecules of predetermined sequence, with 4 to 12 base pairs. At least one example has been examined from each of the three known families of DNA helix: A, B, and Z. Each family has its own intrinsic restrictions on chain folding(More)
Localized areas of high heat flux on microprocessors produce hot spots that limit their reliability and performance. With increasingly dense circuits and the integration of high power processors with low power memory, non-uniform thermal profiles will become more dramatic and difficult to manage. Chip scale thermal solutions designed to keep hot spots below(More)
This paper describes design, construction, and testing of a 5 kJ superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) magnet. This magnet was built by American Superconductor Corporation (ASC) for Gesellschaft fur Innovative Energieumwandlung und Speicherung (EUS) of Germany. The magnet consists of a solenoidal coil constructed from a silver-sheathed BiPb/sub(More)
Advanced semiconductors continue to increase performance by increasing functional integration and clock speed. Not only is the total power consumption increasing, the power distribution is highly non-uniform over the die area. Continued reduction in design rules are likely to increase the non-uniformity of the power density as high-speed circuits that(More)
The DNA tetramer d(ICpCpGpG) or ICCGG crystallizes as a double-stranded 4-base pair (bp) segment of an A helix. Two such tetramer helices are packed together in the crystal with local helix axes nearly coincident, simulating an 8-bp helix, and four such octamers make up the tetragonal unit cell. Restrained energy and reciprocal space refinement has led to(More)
The chemical synthesis of 3beta-bromobenzoyloxy-14alpha, 15alpha-epoxy-5alpha-cholest-7-ene is described. Single crystal structral analysis was employed to unambiguously determine the location and absolute configuration of the epoxide moiety in the 3beta-p-bromobenzoyloxy-14alpha, 15alpha-epoxy-5alpha-cholest-7-ene. The space group of the crystal was P1,(More)
The DNA oligomer of sequence IC-C-G-G has been synthesized, and its X-ray crystal structure solved at a resolution of 2.0 A, using anomalous scattering from iodines in phase analysis: 48 cycles of Jack-Levitt restrained least-squares refinement resulted in a residual error of 19.9% over all data, or 16.5% for two-sigma data. Two double-helical tetramers(More)
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