Benjamin Carriere

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The physical state of membrane lipids and relationships with the activity of Na+-K+-ATPase and alkaline phosphatase were studied in basolateral and brush border membranes of the dog kidney. Fluorescence polarization and electron spin resonance experiments demonstrate that basolateral membranes are much more fluid than brush border membranes. This can be(More)
Addition of increasing amounts of benzyl alcohol progressively reduced the steady-state anisotropies of diphenylhexatriene and trimethylammoniumdiphenylhexatriene in brush-border membranes from rat kidney. The decrease in order of membrane lipids, equivalent for 50 mM benzyl alcohol to that produced by a rise in temperature of approx. 6 degrees C, had no(More)
Biomineral chemistry is frequently used to infer life history events and habitat use in fishes; however, significant gaps remain in our understanding of the underlying mechanisms. Here we have taken a multidisciplinary approach to review the current understanding of element incorporation into biomineralized structures in fishes. Biominerals are primarily(More)
Rapid growth in juvenile fish increases calcium demand, and the intestine may play a role in calcium homeostasis at this life stage, in addition to branchial and renal transport. This study examined calcium flux in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) of freshwater juvenile lake sturgeon acclimated to 0.14, 0.34, and 2.26mmol L(-1) environmental calcium. Net(More)
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