Benjamin Canou

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High-level tools have become unavoidable in industrial software development processes. Safety-critical embedded programs don't escape this trend. In the context of safety-critical embedded systems, the development processes follow strict guidelines and requirements. The development quality assurance applies as much to the final embedded code, as to the(More)
This paper presents our feedback from the study on the use of Objective Caml for safety-critical software development tools implementation. As a result, Objective Caml is now used for the new Scade TM certified embedded-code generator. The requirements for tools implementation are less strict than those for the embedded code itself. However , they are still(More)
The Document Object Model (DOM) is the document manipulation API provided to the JavaScript developer by the browser. It allows to modify parts of the current Web page from a client side script. The principle is interesting and powerful, and no modern Web development could be possible without it. But the implementation is not satisfactory when seeking(More)
In this paper, after relating a short history of the mostly unhappy relationship between static typing and JavaScript (JS), we explain a new attempt at conciliating them which is more respectful of both worlds than other approaches. As an example, we present Onyo [1], an advanced binding of the Enyo JS library for the OCaml language. Onyo exploits the(More)
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