Benjamin C van Zuiden

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We stabilize nematic droplets with handles against surface tension-driven instabilities, using a yield-stress material as outer fluid, and study the complex nematic textures and defect structures that result from the competition between topological constraints and the elasticity of the nematic liquid crystal. We uncover a surprisingly persistent twisted(More)
We present a theoretical study of director fields in toroidal geometries with degenerate planar boundary conditions. We find spontaneous chirality: despite the achiral nature of nematics the director configuration shows a handedness if the toroid is thick enough. In the chiral state the director field displays a double twist, whereas in the achiral state(More)
Collections of interacting, self-propelled particles have been extensively studied as minimal models of many living and synthetic systems from bird flocks to active colloids. However, the influence of active rotations in the absence of self-propulsion (i.e., spinning without walking) remains less explored. Here, we numerically and theoretically investigate(More)
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