Benjamin C. Travaglione

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We focus on determining the separability of an unknown bipartite quantum state ρ by invoking a sufficiently large subset of all possible entanglement witnesses given the expected value of each element of a set of mutually orthogonal observables. We review the concept of an entanglement witness from the geometrical point of view and use this geometry to show(More)
The phase estimation algorithm is so named because it allows the estimation of the eigenvalues associated with an operator. However it has been proposed that the algorithm can also be used to generate eigenstates. Here we extend this proposal for small quantum systems, identifying the conditions under which the phase estimation algorithm can successfully(More)
We introduce a model of computation based on read only memory (ROM), which allows us to compare the space-efficiency of reversible, error-free classical computation with reversible, error-free quantum computation. We show that a ROM-based quantum computer with one writable qubit is universal, whilst two writable bits are required for a universal classical(More)
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