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We present and evaluate an architecture for highthroughput pattern matching of regular expressions. Our approach matches multiple patterns concurrently, responds rapidly to changes in the pattern set, and is well suited for synthesis in an ASIC or FPGA. Our approach is based on a new and easily pipelined state-machine representation that uses encoding and(More)
Data abstractions such as hash tables are included in most runtime libraries because of their widespread use and straightforward implementation. While operating systems and programming languages continue to improve their real-time features, much of what is offered by a runtime library is not yet suitable for real-time or embedded-systems. In this paper, we(More)
We present the design of a reconfigurable system that dynamically exploits the ability to reconfigure. Rather than simply supporting revision upgrades, the Exegy TextMiner application loads and executes a new configuration each time the user issues a search query. We describe both the application's ability to benefit from reconfiguration and the mechanisms(More)
Embedded applications are held to a higher standard than desktop applications along a number of dimensions. Not only must the functionality of the application be correct, it often must meet strict time constraints and function with restrictive resource limitations (e.g., memory size, power, weight). Conversely, the hardware systems used to execute embedded(More)