Benjamin Bergé

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The principle of liquid lenses based on electrowetting are presented, with emphasis on the key features that enables to produce a useful component for complex optical systems: equality of the densities of the two non miscible liquids, centering mean for the liquid-liquid interface which allows the optical axis to remain always stable, choice of the suitable(More)
In this article we prove new results concerning the structure and the stability properties of the global attractor associated with a class of nonlinear parabolic stochastic partial differential equations driven by a standard multidimensional Brownian motion. We first use monotonicity methods to prove that the random fields either stabilize exponentially(More)
Camera systems with small form factor are an integral part of today’s mobile phones which recently feature auto focus functionality. Ready to market solutions without moving parts have been developed by using the electrowetting technology. Besides virtually no deterioration, easy control electronics and simple and therefore cost-effective fabrication, this(More)
Bryden, McManus, and Bulman-Fleming's (1994) meta-analysis of studies examining the Geschwind-Behan-Galaburda hypothesis indicates that the original data set supports the hypothesis significantly more than the body of replication attempts. We present data on 2256 subjects that clearly fail to support the hypothesis and describe practical and statistical(More)
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