Benjamin Belmudez

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With the advent of audio-visual IP clients, video telephony becomes a realistic option in many application scenarios. In order to guarantee an adequate quality to its users, providers of audio-visual telephony services need to know the impact of the audio and video transmission channel characteristics on perceived Quality of Experience (QoE) in a realistic(More)
This paper investigates multi-modal aspects of audiovisual quality assessment for interactive communication services. It shows how perceived auditory and visual qualities integrate to an overall audiovisual quality perception in different experimental contexts. Two audiovisual experiments are presented and provide experimental data for the present analysis.(More)
In this paper, we will compare several approaches for predicting the quality of entire speech-only or audiovisual telephone calls from subjective judgments or predictions of the quality of individual segments of these calls. The comparison will be done using several databases which have been collected in a test paradigm to simulate conversational(More)
The present work concerns the analysis of dynamic scenes from earth observation images. We are interested in building a map which, on one hand locates places of change, on the other hand, reconstructs a unique visual information of the non-change areas. We show in this paper that such a problem can naturally be takled with conditional mixed-state random(More)
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