Benjamin Behrendt

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The spectrum of clinical tests for proteins characterized by their antigenic rather than by their enzymatic properties has been very limited, and still is today. This is mainly due to technical problems in the development of tests for such "antigens". The recently developed hybridoma technology has supplied us with the urgently needed new approach to(More)
The effect of orally given diethystilboestroldiphophate (DES) and 17alpha-ethinyl-oestradiol-3-methylether (EEM) on plasma progesterone levels was studied. Both compounds were administered for 5 days to 5 women in daily doses of 60 mg (DES) and 30 mg (EEM). The fully informed volunteers were found to have a normal menstrual cycle before the study. The mean(More)
During our studies on human kidney tubular antigens we have applied the technique of cell fusion for the preparation of monoclonal antibodies. For this purpose, plasma membranes were prepared from human kidney cortex by homogenization, fractionated on density gradients and selected according to brush border marker enzyme activity. Spleen cells from Balb/c(More)
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