Benjamin Bartoov

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BACKGROUND To verify whether or not microinjection of sperm with a normal nuclear shape but large vacuoles affects IVF-ICSI pregnancy outcome. METHODS A comparative study testing IVF outcome parameters of IVF-ICSI, based on morphological selection of spermatozoa with normal nuclei against those based on microinjection of sperm with a normal nuclear shape(More)
The aim of this research was to study the effect of suspected infertility on psychological functioning, comparing men who suspect that they are infertile (N = 107) with men who have no such suspicion (N = 30). Infertile men had lower self-esteem, higher anxiety and showed more somatic symptoms than fertile men. The effects of moderating variables on the(More)
We present a pilot study of individuals (liquidators) who were engaged in clean-up operations after the disaster at the nuclear power plant at Chernobyl in Ukraine. In the 10 years since the disaster, adverse health effects among exposed individuals have not been clearly defined. There is widespread fear of damage to the reproductive system, with(More)
BACKGROUND Cyclophosphamide (Cy), a widely used anticancer drug, is associated with significant testicular damage and sterility. Co-administration of the immunomodulating compound AS101 during chemotherapy treatments was previously shown to protect organs against cytotoxic damage, without attenuating the drug's anticancer effect. In this animal study, we(More)
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