Benjamin Barbour

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Computer science instructors often rely on the final version of a program for assessment and feedback. This ignores the process the student used to arrive at the final program. When the instructor has the ability to observe real-time development progress of each student, they are better equipped to provide appropriate and timely feedback. CodeWave, a(More)
The purpose of this paper is to introduce a tool that provides a GUI for generating a ground truth for landmark positions for 2D images used in computer vision applications. Further, we demonstrate via a case study that this tool greatly improves manual landmarking in the case of extremely dense (more than 250 points per images) annotation of face images(More)
Registration is a very important step in object recognition. Accurate detection of the eye centers, eye corners, mouth and nose are critical for face recognition and more broadly, for face processing. In this work, we have evaluated three techniques, namely AAM, Stacked ASM and CLM, for automatic detection of landmarks under the problem of extremely dense(More)
Sammi is a 3-Dimensional Virtual Human Information Kiosk for use by the Computer Science department at The University of North Carolina Wilmington. Sammi's purpose is to provide information to users about UNCW's Computer Science department, including the faculty, staff, building, and courses offered. She is also able to answer general questions about UNCW(More)
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