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Human computation: a survey and taxonomy of a growing field
The rapid growth of human computation within research and industry has produced many novel ideas aimed at organizing web users to do great things. However, the growth is not adequately supported by aExpand
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Technology probes: inspiring design for and with families
We describe a new method for use in the process of co-designing technologies with users called technology probes. Technology probes are simple, flexible, adaptable technologies with threeExpand
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Ordered and quantum treemaps: Making effective use of 2D space to display hierarchies
Treemaps, a space-filling method for visualizing large hierarchical data sets, are receiving increasing attention. Several algorithms have been previously proposed to create more useful displays byExpand
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A review of overview+detail, zooming, and focus+context interfaces
There are many interface schemes that allow users to work at, and move between, focused and contextual views of a dataset. We review and categorize these schemes according to the interface mechanismsExpand
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Pad++: a zooming graphical interface for exploring alternate interface physics
We describe the current status of Pad++, a zooming graphical interface that we are exploring as an alternative to traditional window and icon-based approaches to interface design. We discuss theExpand
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Single display groupware: a model for co-present collaboration
We introduce a model for supporting collaborative work betweenpeople that are physically close to each other. We call this modelSingle Display Groupware (SDG). In this paper, we describe themodel,Expand
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PhotoMesa: a zoomable image browser using quantum treemaps and bubblemaps
PhotoMesa is a zoomable image browser that uses a novel treemap algorithm to present large numbers of images grouped by directory, or other available metadata. It uses a new interaction technique forExpand
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SpaceTree: supporting exploration in large node link tree, design evolution and empirical evaluation
We present a novel tree browser that builds on the conventional node link tree diagrams. It adds dynamic rescaling of branches of the tree to best fit the available screen space, optimized cameraExpand
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Drag-and-Pop and Drag-and-Pick: Techniques for Accessing Remote Screen Content on Touch- and Pen-Operated Systems
Drag-and-pop and drag-and-pick are interaction techniques designed for users of pen- and touch- operated display systems. They provide users with access to screen content that would otherwise beExpand
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Space-scale diagrams: understanding multiscale interfaces
Big information worlds cause big problems for interfaces. There is too much to see. They are hard to navigate. An armada of techniques has been proposed to present the many scales of informationExpand
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