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A content-addressable storage (CAS) system is a valuable tool for building storage solutions, providing efficiency by automatically detecting and eliminating duplicate blocks; it can also be capable of high throughput, at least for streaming access. However, the absence of a standardized API is a barrier to the use of CAS for existing applications.(More)
In this paper, we describe PortOS, an educational operating system designed to complement undergraduate and graduate level classes on operating systems. PortOS is a complete user-level operating system project, with phases covering concurrency, synchronization, networking and file systems. It focuses particularly on ad hoc and peer-to-peer distributed(More)
Wireless networks present unusual challenges for mobile file system clients, since they are characterised by unpredictable connectivity and widely-varying bandwidth. The traditional approach to adapting network communication to these conditions is to write back file updates asynchronously when bandwidth is low. Unfortunately, this can lead to(More)
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