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Large amounts of nitrogen (N) fertilizers are used in the production of oilseed rape. However, as low-input methods of crop management are introduced crops will need to withstand temporary N deficiency. In temperate areas, oilseed rape will also be affected by frequent drought periods. Here we evaluated the physiological and metabolic impact of nitrate(More)
Several descriptive models have been proposed to explain the occurrence of deletion-duplication events in the plant mitochondrial genome. In order to investigate the dynamics of these events, we have simulated them using a computer model. The simulation shows that whatever the recombination rates between repeats, if a mitochondrial sequence becomes(More)
Previous analyses suggested that the Nicotiana sylvestris CMSII mutant carried a large deletion in its mitochondrial genome. Here, we show by cosmid mapping that the deletion is 60 kb in length and contains several mitochondrial genes or ORFs, including the complex I nad7 gene. However, due to the presence of large duplications in the progenitor(More)
Six BnaProDH1 and two BnaProDH2 genes were identified in Brassica napus genome. The BnaProDH1 genes are mainly expressed in pollen and roots’ organs while BnaProDH2 gene expression is associated with leaf vascular tissues at senescence. Proline dehydrogenase (ProDH) catalyzes the first step in the catabolism of proline. The ProDH gene family in oilseed rape(More)
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