Benjamin Ahlbrand

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The 2015 VAST Challenge presented researchers with a fictitious scenario that was surrounding a three-day weekend event involving Scott Jones, a renowned football star and a classic hometown hero, at the DinoFun World amusement park. In addition to the regular attractions at the park, the park had arranged for Scott to deliver two speeches on each day of(More)
In the modern age, mobile devices provide a convenient way to send and receive messages. The meta-data associated with such messages (e.g., location, time, sender, receiver) can reveal communication patterns that provide insights into human activities and patterns. In this paper, we use the visitor communication data provided as part of the 2015 VAST(More)
Spatial datasets, such as tweets in a geographic area, often exhibit different distribution patterns at multiple levels of scale, such as live updates about events occurring in very specific locations on the map. Navigating in such multi-scale data-rich spaces is often inefficient, requires users to choose between overview or detail information, and does(More)
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