Benjamin A. Rodwin

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As anyone who has suffered through a head cold knows, food eaten when the olfactory system is impaired tastes 'wrong', an experience that leads many to conclude that taste stimuli are processed normally only when the olfactory system is unimpaired. Evidence that the taste system influences olfactory perception, however, has been vanishingly rare. We found(More)
The role of nuclear receptor corepressor (NCoR) in thyroid hormone (TH) action has been difficult to discern because global deletion of NCoR is embryonic lethal. To circumvent this, we developed mice that globally express a modified NCoR protein (NCoRΔID) that cannot be recruited to the thyroid hormone receptor (TR). These mice present with low serum T(4)(More)
The precise role played by serotonin (5-HT) in taste--an issue of great interest given the involvement of serotonin in human sensory and eating disorders--is a matter of considerable debate, perhaps because of the variety of methodologies that have been brought to bear by different researchers. Here, we use multiple methods to reveal the motivational(More)
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