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Lithium niobate is the archetypical ferroelectric material and the substrate of choice for numerous applications including surface acoustic wave radio frequencies devices and integrated optics. It offers a unique combination of substantial piezoelectric and birefringent properties, yet its lack of optical activity and semiconducting transport hamper(More)
An amperometric lactate oxidase catheter has been developed for in vivo application to real-time lactate monitoring. The electrochemical behaviour of the 1 x 3 mm Pt-Ag/AgCl thin film electrode is not significantly influenced by lactate oxidase-polyurethane covering. Gamma-irradiation (25 kGy) is suitable for the sterilization procedure. The final lactate(More)
A biosensor consisting of an analyte-recycling two-enzyme system using laccase (Coriolus hirsutus) and PQQ-dependent glucose dehydrogenase in combination with the electrochemical detection of oxygen depletion at a platinum electrode was used for adrenaline determination in the nano- and subnanomolar concentration range. Measurements were performed in a flow(More)
For single lead VDD pacing, electrodes with various distances between the lead tip and the floating atrial dipole (AV distance) are available. Using different AV distances allows positioning of the atrial dipole in the mid- to high right atrium, regardless of the size of the right heart. In this position, reliable atrial sensing and rejection of ventricular(More)
Mass concentrations reported on the elemental composition of human dentin show great discrepancies between different investigations using various techniques. The purpose of the study was to determine the concentrations of bromine (Br), copper (Cu), iron (Fe), strontium (Sr) and zinc (Zn) in the coronal dentin of permanent teeth from Sweden and from New York(More)
Abstract. Only one-half of 31 spinal cord injury patients had good to fair results following cutaneous uretero-ileostomy. Poor results and deaths with urinary complications were more prevalent in the cervical and upper thoracic than in the more caudad cord lesions. There was a spread of ½ to 19 years in time interval from onset of spinal cord injury to(More)
We describe a highly accurate and specific method based on isotope dilution--mass spectrometry for assay of thyroxin in serum. A fixed amount of 2H2-labeled thyroxin is added to a fixed amount of serum. Thyroxin is isolated from the serum by an extraction--solvent-distribution method, converted into the N,O-bis(trifluoroacetyl)methyl ester, and subjected to(More)