Benjamin A J Reddi

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PURPOSE Hyperglycaemia is common in the critically ill. The objectives of this study were to determine the prevalence of critical illness-associated hyperglycaemia (CIAH) and recognised and unrecognised diabetes in the critically ill as well as to evaluate the impact of premorbid glycaemia on the association between acute hyperglycaemia and mortality. (More)
We describe a complex case of hyponatraemia with two aetiologies. A 49-year-old man who drank 6 litres of dilute alcohol per day presented confused and oedematous with a serum sodium of 95 mmol/litre. Urine sodium was <10 mmol/litre and urine osmolality 440 mOsmol/kg. Chest x-ray demonstrated a globular heart. ECG showed saddle-shaped ST elevation. ECHO(More)
BACKGROUND Sepsis is characterised by diminished vasopressor responsiveness. Vasoconstriction depends upon a balance: Ca(2+)-dependent myosin light-chain kinase promotes and Ca(2+)-independent myosin light-chain phosphatase (MLCP) opposes vascular smooth muscle contraction. The enzyme Rho kinase (ROK) inhibits MLCP, favouring vasoconstriction. We tested the(More)
BACKGROUND Impaired coagulation contributes to the morbidity and mortality associated with septic shock. Whether abnormal platelet contraction adds to the bleeding tendency is unknown. Platelets contract when Ca(2+)-dependent myosin light chain kinase (MLCK) phosphorylates Ser19 of myosin light chain (MLC20), promoting actin-myosin cross-bridge cycling.(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide a current review of the clinical characteristics, predictors and outcomes in critically ill patients presenting to the ED with acute pancreatitis and subsequently admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU) of a tertiary referral centre in Australia. METHODS A retrospective single-centre study of adult patients admitted with(More)
Commercial 0.9% saline solution for infusion has a pH around 5.5. There are many reasons for this acidity, some of them still obscure. It is also true that infusion of normal saline can lead to metabolic acidaemia, yet the link between the acidity of saline solution and the acidaemia it can engender is not straightforward. This commentary draws together the(More)
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