Benjamas Panomruttanarug

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This paper describes a recently developed averaging technique to robustify iterative learning and repetitive controllers. The robustified controllers are found by minimizing cost functions that are averaged over either multiple analytical time-domain models or experimental frequency-domain data. The technique is simple and general, and it can be applied to(More)
This paper proposes the design and analysis of repetitive control technique for tracking the output current of active filter. The Proportional plus Integral (PI) controller performs a feedback control task and the repetitive control law periodically adjusts the input command to the control system to achieve a desired trajectory. In this work, the repetitive(More)
This paper introduces a use of iterative learning control to improve a performance of arm robot in repeatable task. Iterative learning control aims to converge the repeating distance error produced from arm robot by adjusting the control input in the current run to feedback control system based on error observed from the previous run. The feedback signal to(More)
This paper focuses on development of a wheelchair model and further on proposing a novel control strategy based on fuzzy logic control in order to lift the front wheels and maintain system stability in the upright position. A type-1 TSK FLS is first introduced to handle stability when the wheelchair is in an inverted pendulum-like situation. An extra(More)
One of the major difficulties with an autonomous reverse parallel parking is how to find a trajectory of travel from start to goal without any collision. In this paper, a bidirectional search is suggested to find the shortest pathway from an initial vertex to a goal vertex in a directed graph, implying that the initial and goal states must be known in(More)
This paper studies dynamic behavior of a quadrotor in both simulation and experiment when tracking desired attitude angles. The flight attitude control implemented in this research is designed based on a feedback control with an inner-loop structure as in the Aeroquad project. The feedback control configuration is applied to the dynamic model of a DIY(More)
Brushless DC (BLDC) motors have been widely used in industry. However, one of the main drawbacks of using BLDC motors is the undesirable torque ripple. The torque ripple can cause mechanical vibration, acoustic noise and bearing damage that reduces the lifetime of the machine. This paper proposes a simple repetitive control scheme to attenuate torque ripple(More)
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