Benjamain R. C. Bedregal

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This paper introduces an interval fuzzy rule-based method for the recognition of hand gestures acquired from a data glove, with an application to the recognition of hand gestures of the Brazilian Sign Language. To deal with the uncertainties in the data provided by the data glove, an approach based on interval fuzzy logic is used. The method uses the set of(More)
Clustering is a useful approach in data mining, image segmentation, and other problems of pattern recognition. Fuzzy clustering process can be quite slow when there are many objects or pattern to be clustered. This article discusses about an algorithm, ckMeans, which is able to reduce the number of distinct patterns which must be clustered without adversely(More)
This paper presents the concept of interval representation and shows some of its properties. The concept is often applied in interval mathematics and captures the essence of that theory; namely: Interval analysis is a language that designates computations with real numbers. The idea of interval objects as representation of real objects is defined and its(More)
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