Benito van der Zander

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In this paper we propose an approach for global vehicle localization that combines visual odometry with map information from OpenStreetMaps to provide robust and accurate estimates for the vehicle's position. The main contribution of this work comes from the incorporation of the map data as an additional cue into the observation model of a Monte Carlo(More)
Instrumental Variables are a popular way to identify the direct causal effect of a random variable X on a variable Y . Often no single instrumental variable exists, although it is still possible to find a set of generalized instrumental variables (GIVs) and identify the causal effect of all these variables at once. Till now it was not known how to find GIVs(More)
Ancestral graphs (AGs) are graphical causal models that can represent uncertainty about the presence of latent confounders, and can be inferred from data. Here, we present an algorithmic framework for efficiently testing, constructing, and enumerating m-separators in AGs. Moreover, we present a new constructive criterion for covariate adjustment in directed(More)
Instrumental variables (IVs) are widely used to identify causal effects. For this purpose IVs have to be exogenous, i.e., causally unrelated to all variables in the model except the explanatory variable X . It can be hard to find such variables. A generalized IV method has been proposed that only requires exogeneity conditional on a set of covariates. This(More)
The behavior of the IFT serum titer in 80 guinea-pigs, experimentally infected with Trichinella spiralis, was tested before and after treatment with mebendazole for 6 months. For 14 consecutive days each animal was drenched with 40 mg mebendazole/kg bw on the 25th, 35th and 45th day after infection. After the 2 weeks therapy, living trichinella larvae were(More)
The influence of humoral and secretory antibodies as well as cell supplements on Nippostrongylus brasiliensis was tested in vitro. Adult Sprague-Dawley-rats approximately 12 weeks of age were used in these experiments. For the in vitro tests the following culture media were used: 25% chicken-embryo-extract, sodium casein, pig liver extract and rat serum for(More)
This is a report on the findings of the effectiveness of the "Viersener Modell", a inpatient systemic child psychiatry model. The therapy effects were recorded, by means of self and therapists assessment, in several relevant areas of change. The index clients (ic) show typical characteristics of a child psychiatry population. The ic (n = 43) and also their(More)
Under influence of a 6-month treatment with 75-100 mg/d propranolol (Obsidan) a significant decrease of the proportions of eicosapentaenoic acid (C20:5) in the serum was observed in 18 patients with primary hypertension stage I. The eicosapentaenoic acid belongs to the omega-3-fatty acids known as vasoprotectively effective. The results indicate an up to(More)