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*Protestants and Catholics: Similar Work Ethic, Different Social Ethic
This article develops two hypotheses about economically-relevant values of Christian believers, according to which Protestants should work more and more effectively, as in the “work ethic” argumentExpand
The Economics of Audit Quality: Private Incentives and the Regulation of Audit and Non-Audit Services
1. Auditing quality. 2. The safeguard of quality. 3. Auditor independence as an economic decision. 4. The supply of non-audit services by auditors. 5. Effects of non-audit services on auditorExpand
Contractual Allocation of Decision Rights and Incentives: The Case of Automobile Distribution
We analyze empirically the allocation of rights and monetary incentives in automobile franchise contracts. These contracts substantially restrict the decision rights of dealers and grantExpand
Pitfalls to Avoid when Measuring Institutions: Is 'Doing Business' Damaging Business?
Over recent years, both governments and international aid organizations have been devoting large amounts of resources to “simplifying” the procedures for setting up and formalizing firms. Many ofExpand
The Provision of Non-Audit Services by Auditors: Let the Market Evolve and Decide
The provision of non-audit services by auditors to their audit clients reduces total costs, increases technical competence and motivates more intense competition. Furthermore, these services do notExpand
Causes of Subcontracting: Evidence from Panel Data on Construction Firms
This paper examines factors explaining subcontracting decisions in the construction industry. Rather than the more common cross-sectional analyses, we use panel data to evaluate the influence of allExpand
Mandatory rotation of company auditors: A critical examination
Abstract Mandatory rotation of corporate auditors has been proposed at EU level in order to improve audit quality. The paper analyses the effect of this requirement on audit cost and quality. TheExpand
Institutional Foundations of Impersonal Exchange: Theory and Policy of Contractual Registries
This book explains how public registries strengthen property rights and reduce transaction costs, analyzes the main tradeoffs in their organization, and proposes principles for successfullyExpand
Audit Quality: Attributes, Private Safeguards and the Role of Regulation
This article examines the private mechanisms used to safeguard quality in auditing, with a view to defining rules capable of facilitating the performance of market forces. An outline is given of aExpand
The Quasi-Judicial Role of Large Retailers: An Efficiency Hypothesis of Their Relation with Suppliers
The paper explores an efficiency hypothesis regarding the contractual process between large retailers, such as Wal-Mart and Carrefour, and their suppliers. The empirical evidence presented supportsExpand