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Modelando el cambio en el comportamiento de salud: Cómo predecir y modificar la adopción y el mantenimiento de comportamientos de salud/Modeling Health Behavior Change: How to Predict and Modify the
Resumen Los comportamientos que ponen en riesgo la salud humana, como el sedentarismo y la dietainadecuada son muy resistentes al cambio. La mayoria de teorias sociocognitivas consideranque laExpand
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General self‐efficacy in various domains of human functioning: Evidence from five countries
Based on social-cognitive theory (Bandura, 1997), this paper examined whether perceived self-efficacy is a universal psychological construct that accounts for variance within various domains of humanExpand
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Measuring one component of dispositional self-regulation: attention control in goal pursuit
Self-regulation can be considered a dispositional variable that may be responsible for self-regulatory actions in a broad range of situations. Attention control is a key component of self-regulationExpand
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More Spousal Support for Men Than for Women: A Comparison of Sources and Types of Support
Types and sources of received support among 902 Costa Rican employees were examined; gender and age differences as well as associations with mental health were considered. Four types of supportExpand
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Self‐Efficacy and Planning Predict Dietary Behaviors in Costa Rican and South Korean Women: Two Moderated Mediation Analyses
Dietary planning is supposed to mediate between intentions and dietary behaviors. However, if a person lacks self-efficacy, this mediation might fail. A cross-sectional study in Costa Rica and aExpand
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Resource loss, self-efficacy, and family support predict posttraumatic stress symptoms: a 3-year study of earthquake survivors
Background and Objectives: Social support and self-efficacy are regarded as coping resources that may facilitate readjustment after traumatic events. The 2009 Cinchona earthquake in Costa Rica servesExpand
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Integral Management of Costa Rican Patients with Huntingtons Disease and their Families
_____________________________________________________________________________________ Aim: To perform the molecular diagnosis to affected persons and their relatives at 50% risk of Huntington’sExpand
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Health Behavior Education, e-research and a (H1N1) Influenza (Swine Flu): Bridging the Gap between Intentions and Health Behavior Change
Abstract This study examined relations between risk perception/self-efficacy and handwashing intentions/behaviors during the A (H1N1) pandemic influenza. Data were collected from a longitudinalExpand
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Abordaje integral de pacientes costarricenses afectados con la enfermedad de Huntington y sus familiares
Resumen es: Objetivo: Realizar el diagnostico molecular a personas afectadas con la enfermedad de Huntington y familiares con el 50% de riesgo, y brindarles asesoram...
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