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The important role of food and nutrition in public health is being increasingly recognized as crucial for its potential impact on health-related quality of life and the economy, both at the societal and individual levels. The prevalence of non-communicable diseases calls for a reformulation of our view of food. The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point(More)
In two-dimensional HPLC (2D-HPLC) "heart-cut" applications, two columns are connected in series via a switching valve and volume fractions from the "primary" column are re-injected on the "secondary" column. The heart-cut 2D-HPLC system here described was implemented by connecting a reversed-phase (RP) column (first dimension) to a chiral column (second(More)
In the European Union, slaughter without stunning is allowed for religious slaughter to obtain halal and kosher meat. Especially in the case of Jewish slaughtering, cuts which are not deemed as kosher are sold to regular market without any specific labelling. This survey, conducted in Tuscany in 2016, aimed to quantify the carcasses rejected in relation to(More)
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