Beniamin Matthews

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The ATP-gated cation channel receptor P2X3 is associated with nociceptive primary sensory neurons. We have, using immunohistochemistry, examined the expression of P2X3 in rat trigeminal ganglia 4-22 days after ligation/section or chronic constriction of the mandibular inferior alveolar nerve. In the normal trigeminal ganglion the anti-P2X3 receptor antibody(More)
The tissues that form the incisal surface of a rat incisor include dentine, an atubular calcified tissue which lines the last-formed dentine, and calcified pulp remnants. The permeability of these tissues was investigated in vitro and in vivo using Evans blue dye. The incisal surface was prepared by etching it with acid or removing 1 mm by fracturing or(More)
Laser Doppler flow meters are used to provide continuous records of blood flow in tissues. An account is given of their principles of operation and of the differences between two of the commercially available instruments: the Periflux model PF3 and the Moor blood flow monitor model MBF3D. The Periflux tended to have higher noise levels and to drift more(More)
Records of pulpal blood flow obtained from human teeth with a laser Doppler flowmeter include a very large component derived from periodontal and other tissues outside the pulp, but this contamination can be reduced by covering the surrounding tissues with opaque rubber dam. The present experiments were carried out to determine what proportion of the signal(More)
The effect of pulpal cavity pressure on structures present on etched and unetched dentine was determined in 24 human premolars in vitro. The dentine was exposed in vivo. After extraction, the pulp was removed and the crown stored in 2.5 N sodium hydroxide for 3 days to remove the odontoblasts. The pulp cavity was filled with Ringer's solution at atmospheric(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effects of K(+) on the sensitivity of sensory receptors in teeth to fluid flow through dentine. METHODS Evoked discharges were recorded from intradental nerves in anaesthetised cats during the application of 5s hydrostatic pressure stimuli to exposed dentine through either normal Ringer's or Ringer's containing up to 255(More)
Insulin has diverse effects on cells, including stimulation of glucose transport, gene expression, and alterations of cell morphology. The hormone mediates these effects by activation of signaling pathways which utilize, 1) adaptor molecules such as the insulin receptor substrates (IRS), the Src and collagen homologs (Shc), and the growth factor receptor(More)
Experiments in cats have shown that Evans blue dye diffuses at a greater rate into dentine in recently extracted teeth than in vivo. These experiments have now been repeated in man and similar results were obtained except that, after applications in vivo, visible concentrations of the dye were present in the dentine, and in a few cases, even in the pulp. It(More)