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We evaluated the feasibility of performing preoperative spiral CT of the maxilla and mandible with a radiation dose similar to that used for conventional panoramic radiography. The skin entrance doses of radiation used for spiral CT (collimation, 1 mm; pitch, 2; tube voltage, 80 kV; tube current, 40 mA) and for panoramic radiography (75 kV, 8 mA, 15(More)
OBJECTIVE The study investigated the hypothesis that threshold and comfortable levels recorded from cochlear implant patients would reduce, and dynamic range increase, as distance of the electrode from the modiolar wall (radial distance) decreases. Two groups of cochlear implant patients participated; one group using the Nucleus' 24 Contour electrode array,(More)
Multibody analysis was applied to construct an advanced model of the human body, where the large joints and complete mass and inertial properties were implemented. The model represents the 50th-percentile rank of a male adult. The hip joint is controlled by three muscle forces. The muscle coordinates were taken from a data source, previously collected by(More)
The passive hemagglutination test (Sero-Test CCB) for the detection of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) has been developed. The comparative study of the sensitivity of Sero-Test CCB, the passive hemagglutination test Hepanostikon (developed by Organon, the Netherlands) and the radioimmunoassay (with the use of an experimental assay kit provided by the(More)
A new commercial ELISA test kit "Rubella-IgG-EIA SSW" is described for the determination of IgG antibodies to rubella virus. A panel of 99 sera was tested by "Rubella-IgG-EIA SSW" and by hemagglutination-inhibition (HI test). The results of enzyme-immunoassay (EIA) and of HI test correlate well; the coefficient of correlation is 0.95, the specificity is(More)
  • B Richter
  • 1978
After commenting the assessment of the benefits of medical measures some remarks are made concerning the risk of mammography which has been discussed in detail else where. The benefit of mammography for screening asymptomatic women is estimated on the basis of figures from the literature applying four criteria; 1. Results of the HIP-study, 2. clinically(More)