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Sonic hedgehog, Patched and Gli are components of a mammalian signalling pathway that has been conserved during evolution and which has a central role in the control of pattern formation and cellular proliferation during development. Here we identify the human Suppressor-of-Fused (SUFUH) complementary DNA and show that the gene product interacts physically(More)
To explore possible physiologic functions for the metalloproteinase collagenase-3, we have examined its temporal and spatial expression during human fetal development. Except for mesenchymal cells in the umbilical cord at 4 weeks of gestation, signal for collagenase-3 mRNA was confined to mineralizing skeletal tissue and detected in hypertrophic(More)
The previous International Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOP) trials and studies recognized three prognostic groups of renal tumors of childhood: low risk, intermediate risk, and high risk tumors, which were further defined in the SIOP (Stockholm) Working Classification of Renal Tumors of Childhood (1994). The results of the latest SIOP Trials and(More)
BACKGROUND Present treatment for Wilms' tumour is very successful. Now, efforts are aimed at reducing toxicity and burden of treatment by shortening schedules without loss of effectiveness. The objective of this randomised trial was to assess whether postoperative chemotherapy for patients with stage I intermediate-risk and anaplastic Wilms' tumour could be(More)
The results of a controlled clinical trial of preoperative radiotherapy compared to chemotherapy in patients with nephroblastoma are presented. Of 397 histologically proven cases of Wilms' tumor registered at 34 centers between January 1977 and July 1979, 164 were eligible for the trial and were randomized to receive preoperative radiotherapy and(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE The aims of this study were to evaluate the diagnostic accuracy and safety of cutting needle biopsy for diagnosis in children with tumors suspected for malignancy. METHODS Medical records and biopsy slides recorded from 1988 to 1999 were reviewed. One hundred ten patients had undergone a total of 147 cutting needle biopsies. The biopsy(More)
The prognosis of children with neuroblastoma (NB) is dependent upon the patient's age at diagnosis, the location of the primary tumor, and histologic tumor cell differentiation. These characteristics, as well as the presumption that NB results from clonal expansion of primitive cells involved in sympathetic nervous system (SNS) development, predict that a(More)
We present 22 (0.9%) cases of rhabdoid tumour of the kidney diagnosed amongst 2392 renal tumours in children. The patients ages ranged from 3 weeks to 94 months (median 7 months) and the female:male ration was 1.2:1. Clinically, they presented with an abdominal mass but four (18%) children also had hypercalcaemia and one (4.5%) developed a brain tumour(More)
Overstimulation by insulin-like growth factor II is implied in several overgrowth conditions and childhood cancers. We have therefore studied spatial and temporal expression patterns of the insulin-like growth factor II gene (IGF2) and the insulin-like growth factor type 1 receptor gene during normal human development (5.5 to 23.0 weeks postfertilization).(More)