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This paper discusses technical challenges posed by large all-electric liquefaction plants, in which the plant refrigeration compressors are driven by electric motors powered by gas-turbine driven electric power generators. The focus is on the interaction between large compressor drives and the electrical system. One issue is interharmonics in the(More)
This paper will briefly describe a new Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) containing integrated control, protection and communication elements for small hydro power plant. This joint project aims to set-up two small hydro pilot installations at two Swedish utilities. The concept requirements and project results will be discussed along with results from a(More)
Secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) provides direct methods to characterize the chemical composition of III-V materials at major, minor and trace level concentrations as a function of layer depth. SIMS employs keV primary ions to sputter the surface and sensitive mass spectrometry techniques to mass analyze and detect sputtered secondary ions which are(More)
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