Bengt-Olaf Schneider

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To reduce the cost of correcting design errors, assemblies of mechanical parts are modeled using CAD systems and verified electronically before the designs are sent to manufacturing. Shaded images are insufficient for examining the internal structures of assemblies and for detecting interferences. Thus, designers must rely on expensive numerical techniques(More)
Mitochondrial dysfunction contributes to the neurodegenerative process in Huntington's disease (HD). Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) enhances mitochondrial complex I activity and may therefore provide a therapeutic benefit in HD. We compared serum CoQ10 levels of previously untreated-and treated HD patients with those of healthy controls. CoQ10 did not significantly(More)
Lately the role of radiotherapy in stage I seminoma of the testis has been questioned by some authors who reported on a "surveillance" strategy for these patients. Since 1980, 124 patients with seminoma of the testis have been referred to this institution; 97 of 116 patients analysed presented with stage I disease and 10 of these had elevated levels of beta(More)
The diagnosis of femoral hernias depends on the recognition of their clinical features. In many cases femoral hernias were incorrectly diagnosed. B-Scan ultrasonography, duplex- and colour-coded Doppler sonography were used to diagnose a femoral hernia in a 60-year old female patient who developed a groin lump after femoral artery puncture. The diagnostic(More)
PURPOSE To document our experience with spiral hydro-CT of the pancreas based on a combination of pharmacologic intestinal paralysis and water distension of the stomach and duodenum with specific reference to tumor detection rate, differentiation of malignant versus benign tumors and assessment of tumor resectability in a prospective study on 211(More)
This paper gives a short introduction into the field of computer image generation in hardware. It discusses the two main approaches, namely partit:oning in Image space and In object space. Based on the object space partitioning approach we have defined the PROOF architecture. PROOF is a system that aims at high performance and high quality rendering of(More)
INTRODUCTION Both thoracic and lumbar sympathectomy and celiac ganglion block could be established as effective methods; side effects are rarely reported. Only the high accuracy of CT-guided positioning can make this possible. Severe side effects are merely sporadic if the proper technique is applied. MATERIAL AND METHODS We used 21G or 22G fine needles.(More)
Contemporary graphics architectures are based on a hardware: supported geometric pipeline, a rasterizer, a z-buffer and two frame buffers. Additional pixel memory is used for alpha blending and for storing logical information. Although their function-ality is growing it is still limited because of the fixed use of pixel memory and the restricted set of(More)