Bengi Aygün

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—In this paper, we consider a full-duplex mode MIMO relay channel for decode and forward strategy where the receivers have perfect channel state information (CSI) and the transmitters have only covariance feedback at the transmitters. We derive a lower bound to the ergodic capacity for this scenario and propose an iterative algorithm that finds lower bound(More)
—In this paper, the source and relay transmit covari-ance matrices are jointly optimized for a fading multiple-antenna relay channel when the transmitters only have partial channel state information (CSI) in the form of covariance feedback. For both full-duplex and half-duplex transmissions, we evaluate lower and upper bounds on the ergodic channel(More)
Safety and efficiency applications in vehicular networks rely on the exchange of periodic messages between vehicles. These messages contain position, speed, heading, and other vital information that makes the vehicles aware of their surroundings. The drawback of exchanging periodic cooperative messages is that they generate significant channel load.(More)
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