Benedita Malheiro

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The ability to respond sensibly to changing and conflicting beliefs is an integral part of intelligent agency. To this end, we outline the design and implementation of a Distributed Assumption-based Truth Maintenance System (DATMS) appropriate for controlling cooperative problem solving in a dynamic real world multi-agent community. Our DATMS works on the(More)
The ability to solve conflicting beliefs is crucial for multi-agent systems where the information is dynamic, incomplete, and distributed over a group of individuals. The individual agents have partial views and, frequently, hold disparate beliefs regarding shared information. The nature of these conflicts is dynamic and requires adequate methodologies for(More)
This paper proposes the development of biologically inspired robots as the capstone project of the European Project Semester (EPS) framework. EPS is a one semester student centred international programme offered by a group of European engineering schools (EPS Providers) as part of their student exchange programme portfolio. EPS is organized around a central(More)
The goal o f the work presented in this paper is to provide mobile platforms within our compus with a GPS based data service capable of supporting precise outdoor navigation. This can be achieved by providing campus-wide access to real time Differential GPS (DGPS) data. As a result, we designed and implemented a three-tier distributed system that provides(More)
This paper presents the development of a fish-like robot called Bro-Fish. Bro-Fish aims to be an educational toy dedicated to teaching mechanics, programming and the physics of floating objects to youngsters. The underlying intention is to awaken the interest of children for technology, especially biomimetic (biologically inspired) approaches, in order to(More)